Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Make an Original Quilt Pattern Quilting Crafts

Ready made quilting patterns are fun, but you may want to make your own quilting or crafts design at some time, but just cannot concentrate to figure out how. We usually make our own quilt designs, sometimes because we want a different size, and sometimes because we just like to create. We can share some ideas with you here.

Start with some squares in colors you want to work with. These are just some recent fabrics I washed, so they will give you an idea of what you need. We also use freezer paper and muslin. Freezer paper makes the first design, and muslin gives a backing to the sample square. We have folded the fabric pieces in the picture on the upper left so you can see the potential for even a simple quilt block. You can make a unique quilt pattern,  or this specific design. 

Another way to make your own design is with freezer paper and a ruler, pencil and compass. Decide the size block you want to make and mark the square for the completed size. After you make the design, cut all the pieces and add 1/4 inch all around to make a template for each pattern piece. Stitch a sample block before you decide to cut more. If you like the look, you did it yourself!

See you between stitches!


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