Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make a Quilt in a Hurry Quilting Crafts

Quilting crafts should not have to be rushed, but sometimes we need a gift and a quilt is expected. You know how this works if you are a quilter--new baby, person just back from the hospital, friend of a friend--and they do not realize that these quilts take time. Lots of time.

Getting started and thinking through the project is half the work. Here are some ideas that may help the next time you need to make a quilt in a hurry.

Consider using a large scarf or picture in the center. This may save you hours of stitching. 

Find quilt blocks that are already made. Many are available on the Internet, sometimes vintage and beautiful blocks.

Tie the quilt if you do not have time to quilt it, or just quilt a line around each block to hold it in place.

This may give you just the inspiration you need to get a quilting project started that you can finish in time for the occasion you need it for. I usually have a quilt in progress, but often have to stop on that one to do a "quickie" for a friend. Bet you do, too.

See you between stitches,


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