Saturday, September 5, 2009

Needlework Crafts: Recycle with Quick Sewing Projects

Once you learn to sew, it seems that the crafts possibilities are endless. Many sewing projects become essential to keeping up a household. That includes alterations, particularly to children's clothing, and mending anything from socks to curtains.

Another great use for the sewing machine is in recycling. If you have towels that are frayed along the edges and no longer look good, they are ideal for recycling or as they say, repurposing. Each worn towel can make several washcloths, and at the price of washcloths, this is worth the effort. You can find make washcloths from old towels by using a purchased washcloth for a sample size. Cut the washcloths from the part of the towel that is not badly worn.

As a fun crafts project, you may want to make something from vintage pillowcases. You can make doll clothes, a purse, or a blouse embellishment with a little imagination. You can also think up your own ideas, like an apron for the holidays. The embroidery work is already done on the pillow cases, so you have a head start!

Make it fun and productive, too!


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