Saturday, September 26, 2009

Make Cajun Christmas Ornaments Felt Crafts

Cajun Christmas ornaments are a little difficult to find, but making your own is easy. You may want to use felt or fleece, or wood and a scroll saw.

Choose a theme for your Christmas ornaments. The Cajuns are known for alligators and the chicken chase, Mardi Gras and food. You can choose a theme for your tree, and colors you want to decorate with. You may choose to do all animals, or all farm animals. Make it fun, and conversational.

We usually draw shapes by hand, but if you don't feel confident with drawing your shapes, use a cookie cutter to draw around, or look for shapes on the internet. Children's coloring books also have great outline shapes for felt Christmas ornaments.

I usually just draw one side on the felt, fold it in half, and cut both sides at the same time. This corrects any distortion from the free-hand drawings.

Get a jump on Christmas this year, and craft your ornaments from safe and practical felt or fleece, or wood if you prefer.

Have a great time crafting your felt Christmas ornaments this year.
Always free fun, and free help.


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