Thursday, September 24, 2009

Create a Christmas Tree Skirt

Creating a Christmas tree skirt is almost a no-sew project the way we do it, but there is some crafting to it. These skirts are made of whatever you have available or whatever you can find, so they are perfect for frugal living or low budget fun.

Measure to determine the size Christmas tree skirt you will need, and then look around your house for an item that you can use. Look for a circular vintage crinoline or can-can, or maybe an old poodle skirt. Any circular skirt will do. A round tablecloth will also work fine. Use your imagination, and if you have to, you can make a trip to the thrift store for a circular item.

Cut a slash down one side and hem each raw edge. A tablecloth requires a hole in the center where the skirt already has the hole at the waist. Fold the tablecloth in half and in half again. You will need to cut a quarter circle, but not large. Most of the Christmas tree holders do not need more than a 5 inch diameter hole. That is 2 1/2 inches cut from the folded tablecloth.  Press and hem around the circle or add a bias binding tape and leave "ties" like an apron.

We will be sharing more Christmas crafts on this blog in the next few weeks. We have been working on some Cajun Christmas ornaments and crafts this week. Happy crafting!


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