Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yoyos Make Christmas Ornaments for Fun Fabric Crafts - Angel

 YoYo Crafts Projects You Can Make -- Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is here for crafters and most of us are already working on a few crafts projects that will be Christmas gifts or decorations. Yoyos are one of my favorite decorative quilting and sewing techniques. Last year we made Christmas tree shaped ornaments from yoyos, and have recently made an angel. We have also made yoyo lantern Christmas ornaments and three-dimensional balls.

Now, back to the yoyo angel. We have not shared this one before, partly because we used materials we had on hand and the face looks a little goofy. You can do better, so here are the basic instructions.

We used six yoyos in sizes starting with 4 1/2 inches and a wooden doll face, some yellow yarn and a piece of pearl string. We added wings of tulle as an afterthought. Make the six yoyos in graduated sizes down from 4 1/2 inch circles. Maybe 4 1/4, 4, 3 3/4, 3 1/2 and 3 1/4 inches. They will be much smaller when completed with the basic pattern instructions in the link above.

The wooden head is a bead in 5/8 inch size and the face was already drawn on when we bought it. Maybe I was making clown ornaments at the time--I don't recall.  A cotton ball will work for hair, or cut embroidery thread, and the halo can be any gold thread or ribbon you choose. Fortunately, yours doesn't have to look like mine; it's the idea that counts.

String the yo-yos together starting at the base. I like to use quilting thread since it is strong. Tie a knot to start, and just punch through the center of the yoyos, one at a time. When you get them all in place, add the angel's head you have made by stringing it on the thread, since it is a bead. Push the needle through the bead and over the side, then back down at the neck and through all the layers and tack at the bottom. She can hang from the Christmas tree with the halo, or add a ribbon to the back where the wings are.

Your Christmas angel should look better than this one.
Use Net for Wings on your Angel
Maybe this is an Angel Clown?

Have fun and use your own ideas.  See you soon!