Friday, April 29, 2011

Felt Flowers No Sew Needlework Crafts

 Felt Flowers No Sew Crafts

Hi Needleworkers!

I've been working on felt flowers made with just two colors or scraps of felt. There are five basic shapes to make the flower I show here, and no sewing! Here is the basic pattern:

Cut the approximate shapes for the felt flower. The petals are about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and the leaves are about 5 inches. The felt is standard weight, not the heavy stuff. The dog bone shape is 8 inches long. Once you have the pieces cut, cut an X in the center of each of the four smaller pieces, but not the dog bone.

Fold the dog bone in half. Slip a section of flower petals on the dog bone with the use of the X cut in the center. Add the next section. Add a leaf section. Add the next leaf section opposite the first one.

The Dog Bone Shape Makes the Center

Your felt flower is complete. You can use it on a package, or make more for a bouquet. This may work for fleece as well. I'll try some others and let you know!

Completed Felt Flower, No Sewing

These felt flowers are so easy to make, kids old enough to use scissors can learn how.

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