Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crochet Needlework Crafts Are for Adults and Children

 Crochet Needlework Crafts For Adults or Children

Crochet crafts are for everyone. Children can learn to crochet. Start with a large needle and yarn and a beginner book or pattern. You will be surprised at how well a child can crochet and follow the pattern with just a little help from Mom or Grandma. If you are a child at heart and never learned to crochet, now is a good time to try this old needlework craft that will never really grow old. Yarn crochet is easier for learning, but thread crochet has more intricate patterns for fine doilies and filet crochet. These are thread doilies:

Thread Doilies to Crochet
This is a yarn baby afghan. Crocheting a baby afghan takes much less time than an adult afghan. Just get a crochet hook in a large size and get started with a skein of yarn. If you like it, make a baby afghan for a gift. If you have tried making an afghan and had difficulty keeping it square, start with one size larger hook for the chain and first row, then go to the size hook recommended for the pattern.
Yarn Crochet is Faster and Easier
We have lots of inexpensive crochet books and crochet patterns available for sale and there are lots of other sellers online. You don't have to buy new to have fun with needlework.

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