Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun with Needlework Crafts

Needlework crafts have been a favorite pasttime for children and adults, and some crafters do not get started early like I did. It is never too late to learn needlework if you have an interest, and there are so many crafts to keep busy with, it is sometimes difficult to choose.

Maybe you don't want to choose--and you can have several. Quilting has been one of my favorite needlework mainstays, but cross-stitch, sewing, crochet, macrame, ribbon embroidery and any creative off-shoots of these are also great fun. I learned knitting at a very young age, but it is not one of my favorites.

You can be a needlework crafter without much expense, particularly if you try small projects first and are resourceful in finding supplies online or at thrift stores.

There is no better time than now to resume needlework you already like or to start a new project. Fall is here and there will be more time spent indoors, and Christmas crafts are ideal to work on now.

See you in a day or so! Hope you get out the needlework crafts now.


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