Saturday, October 31, 2009

Make Ribbon Embroidery Roses Two More Ways

There are several ways to make ribbon embroidery roses, and we have made a twisted rose in a previous blog.

There are also more ribbon embroidery roses that we make with ribbon or embroidery thread. One of these is the accordion folded rose, and it is the first of the ribbon embroidery roses that really caught my attention. It is made with two 9 inch lengths of ribbon. Place the ribbons at right angles, and accordion fold the entire ribbon. Then pull one end slowly, and it makes a rose. It really works! This is the rose shown on the left above. Once you have the rose or roses made for your project, use a chenille or large needle and thread the open end. Punch it through your fabric and tack the roses into place. These flowers are really worth learning, since they are useful for so many different crafts.

The other rose we like is the spiderweb ribbon embroidery rose. It can be made with either ribbon or embroidery thread. This is the one on the right above. This ribbon embroidery flower starts with five spokes from a center. Then weave the ribbon in and out of the five spokes. Weave loosely for silk ribbon and yours will look just like mine.

Needlework crafts are our favorites, and we like to share these fun and easy tips and projects. You still have time to make some crafts for Christmas!

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