Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Make Heart Christmas Garland Fabric Scrap Crafts

If you like to use the scraps from your needlework projects, heart Christmas garland is easy and fun. You can make it tiny for a little tree, or large for a full-size Christmas tree. You might want to use Christmas fabrics or Christmas colors, or you may prefer a country Christmas look.

Handmade crafts are more popular than ever this year, and this one is frugal, since the fabric is scraps from other projects.

This Christmas garland does not require a sewing machine, either. It can be hand-sewn, and the hearts are stitched from the outside. No turning the fabric.

If you want smaller hearts, just cut inside the shape, and cut outside for larger hearts. Once you have some puffed hearts made (they are stuffed with cotton balls), you can sew them at the widest point just to get an idea of the look.

We will be sharing patterns and instructions for our unique designs for Christmas needlework crafts from now until Christmas. We hope you find something you like!

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