Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Make Yoyo Lantern Christmas Ornaments

Christmas crafts are great fun, and we have been making Christmas ornaments with yoyos from our quilting crafts. These are our own inventions, and we are pleased to share. The most recent one is a fabric lantern ornament that you might like to make.

You may already have some yoyos made from a quilt project or from a previous crafts project.

To make a lantern Christmas ornament like the one shown, place two yo-yos with the flat sides together and stitch only through the two single layers of fabric. Tack the two yoyos together. Then, add a loop of your choice at the top by tacking it in place. We made a ribbon rose and added it to the center on one side only, but you may want to add several ribbon roses to make a fancy Christmas ornament. We usually use light colored fabrics because they show well on the Christmas tree, but metallic fabrics and reds show up, too. You may also put a cotton ball in the top and bottom yoyos to puff them up.

We hope you are in the Christmas spirit and enjoying working on some crafts projects. We are working on new ones every day, and will be bringing more later this week.

Have fun with needlework crafts!


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