Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Angel from a Crocheted Doily Recycle Crafts

Crocheted doilies are great for crafts projects, and we find recycle uses for all we get. A Christmas angel can be made from a circle or square in doily crochet. This Christmas angel can be a tree topper angel or can sit on your table or mantel for a Christmas decoration. This doily does not require a sewing machine.

To make this angel for your Christmas tree or as a decoration, you will need a doily and something round to make her head. If you want her to have a halo, a little scrap of lace will work. A shoulder pad will work for wings, and you can add lace or not, your choice. You will also need a needle and thread to do a little hand-sewing.

Use your creative talents to make your Christmas angel unique. The skirt can be spread out to let the angel sit for a decoration, or you may add a styrofoam cone under the skirt and cut to size to make sure she is as tall as you need. We often do Christmas crafts and share instructions. These are our own ideas and patterns, and we like to share for your personal use.

See you again soon with more Christmas crafts ideas and fun!


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