Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sew Mini Christmas Stocking Ornaments Crafts Fun

Christmas stockings are always fun, but most of us think of one large stocking for each person in the family. A Christmas tree with mini stocking ornaments is really a pretty decoration for your home, and you can make each of the stockings different.

We always have some denim mini stockings here, and some cowboy boots, since we live in Texas.

You can sew mini stockings by hand or with the sewing machine, since there is so little sewing. We recommend making mini stockings in one of two sizes--either three-inch size for a little Christmas tree or six-inch size for a large tree.

Here are some outlines you might use. Enlarge one to the size you want and add about 1/4 inch to sew all around. Cut two of the shape from fleece or felt, since these fabrics do not fray and are easiest to sew. Sew around the edge by hand or by machine, and you can sew right sides together and turn or wrong sides together and don't turn--just leave the rough edge. You may want to put a top around the mini stocking ornament, too. We have some undecorated examples in an article that gives more detail.

Ask if you have questions. We are delighted to share.


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