Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilt with Fussy Cuts Quilting Crafts

Do you like to do quilting with specialized cut-out pictures or patterns? We often do fussy cuts in quilting, particularly on pillows or just a center design for a quilt block.

Fussy cuts also are used for apron pockets, and other places you want to have a perfect match.

If you like a little more challenging work in quilting or crafts, you might want to try to do some fussy cuts.

You can figure out how to do this by trial and error, but don't forget to allow for the edge to turn under. We always leave 1/4 inch. We like to work from the center for the fussy cut, and in this one, we centered the nose of the large snowman. You can see how to measure and how to apply the shape to a flower garden quilt block. This is a fun needlework crafting project that lets you be creative and make something unique. 

Of course if you have questions, just ask. This should be fun!


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