Saturday, June 5, 2010

Make a Doll Quilt or a Quilted Pillow for Summer Crafts Project

Well, summer has reached Texas and we are into 100-degree weather. I like to sew but it is too hot to work with a full-size quilt, so it is time to make miniatures or a quilted pillow. A doll quilt is the perfect size at about 18 by 20 inches, and it will use your tiniest scraps. A pillow is about the same size and both of these projects can be take-along if you want. Doll quilt blocks are small copies of a full-size quilt block and should be about three inches square. Make a pattern and a sample block before cutting all the pieces. A doll quilt can be made by hand or with the sewing machine with completion planned for the end of the summer when heavy fabrics are more appealing. Sewing doesn't have to stop with weather changes; just adapt your sewing to the weather.

See you soon with more stitching and needlework crafts.


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