Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sewing for Fun Saves Money and has Emotional Rewards

Sew or Mend, Make Alterations or Crafts
Save Money and Enjoy Sewing

Sewing skills can last a lifetime, and you can sew with any level of ability and knowledge and still make it worthwhile. If you have a sewing machine that you haven't used for years, get it out and dust it off. With the internet at your fingertips and the sewing machine at your command, you can learn to sew with little effort.

Sewing Saves Money

Do your own repairs and alterations and save money and save the environment. Every item you repair is one you do not have to buy new and one that does not go to the landfill. Much sewing is as simple as stitching a torn seam or hemming a pair of jeans.

A sewing machine can save you money if you throw items away that need a minor repair or alteration, or if you want to make curtains or bedding for the home. My sewing machine cost $200 in 1975, and has been used for 35 years to make children's clothes, home decor and thousands of repairs.

Sewing is Fun

There is an emotional reward of accomplishment in sewing, whether it is for repairs or crafts, quilting or making a new dress or robe. If you have never had time to sew, take the time now and use it as a therapy. It is much cheaper than the price of a therapist and you can stay at home to do it.

Learn to Sew

Dust off the old sewing machine and fix it if it doesn't work. There is very little that can go wrong with a sewing machine that you cannot repair yourself. Almost anything you need to know about sewing is available online now.

Whether you already know how to sew or have always wanted to learn, make sewing fun, save money with repairs to clothing and home decor, and find therapy in the emotional rewards.

See you soon with more needlework crafts, sewing and stitching fun.


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