Sunday, June 27, 2010

Make Watercolor Quilting Fun with Fuse

Watercolor Quilting for your Summer Fun.

What are you doing with your summer? I've been working on a little watercolor quilt and thought I would share with you what I've learned.

Watercolor Quilt From Light to Dark

 Make Watercolor Quilts with Fusible Non-Woven Background Fabric

Watercolor quilts are usually made with light squares fading to dark ones to create a background for an applique design or just to enjoy the fade design. They are often made with 2-inch squares, and anything much larger does not have the same effect. You can make watercolor quilting much easier by using a fusible non-woven layout grid. You can buy this, or you can make it yourself. Here's what it looks like:
Make a Grid for your Watercolor Quilt

Once you have this grid made in 2 inch squares on fusible non-woven fabric, lay the 2-inch squares in place and press with the iron according to the instructions for the fusible web fabric. Now that all the squares are attached to the fuse fabric, you can flip it over and sew 1/4 inch seams horizontally and vertically to make 1 3/4 inch squares with perfect intersecting seams.

Impress yourself! Have some fun with something you didn't know you can do. Make something out of nothing--2-inch scraps are throwaways to most seamstresses and many quilters. You can make a pillow in no time.

Do you sew but haven't tried quilting? It's easy for you to make the transition.

Use this method for charm quilts, too, where every square is a different fabric. Just fuse the squares from the front, turn to the back and stitch 1/4 inch seams horizontally and vertically, and the piece is completed.

See you soon with more needlework crafts, sewing and stitching fun.


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