Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sewing and Crafts with RickRack from Grandma

Make Flowers with Rickrack

 Rick Rack Makes Flowers and Other Crafts Embellishments

Rick rack has been around since I was young, and that was a long time ago. In the 50s it was used for decoration on aprons and dresses as well as for crafts. Now that rickrack is back for crafts and crafting, you probably still have some in grandma's sewing box. No need to waste. It is still just as good as it was the day grandma used it on your sun bonnet, if it hasn't faded from sunlight. No wonder the sewing box is made of wood or a good light-proof product--it protects these fun crafts items for the next generation.

Braid Rickrack for Crafts

Rickrack braid is a double-duty product that works for hand-made purses and embellishments for tote bags, little girl's jeans and any number of crafts projects. It is easy to make and will use up the rickrack. The process is so easy, the kids can help. Braiding rickrack can be done with two or three strands of rick-rack, and the finished length will be only slightly shorter than the starting length.

Make Rickrack Flowers in 3-D

Rickrack makes great flowers for crafts or ribbon embroidery, and you can also make flowers to match the rickrack braid. Once the flowers are made, the rickrack no longer looks like zigzags. This project takes some hand-sewing--just in and out running stitch--and the kids may be able to help with this, too. Lots of home-school teachers look for children's crafts, and hand sewing is ideal for the 6-to-12 age group.

Have some fun with rick rack crafts!  See you soon with more needlework crafts, sewing and stitching fun.


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