Friday, May 28, 2010

Decorate the Kitchen with Chickens--Sew a Chicken Potholder

We were in Arkansas this past week visiting my daughter who has chickens, and I had forgotten how funny chickens are to watch.  A duck came around the hens, and the rooster was about half a block away.  Wait, farm land isn't measured in blocks--but you get the idea.  The rooster high-tailed it to scare the duck away from the hens.  I was surprised at how protective he was.

Back to chicken potholders and sewing. We have some chickens in the kitchen at our house--in the form of potholders.  They aren't as fun to watch as the live ones, but they are fun to make and a serve a great purpose if you cook much. These potholders can be made of any fabric that isn't very flammable and that doesn't melt in a little heat.  We use felt for the comb, and sometimes use a pre-quilted fabric to make these fast.


Here's one I have been using--since the eye is in the wrong place.  These hotpads are made of three basic pieces--the sides, the bottom, and the comb. 



This is fun crafts sewing and it won't take long to make a couple for your kitchen.  If you are creative, you can make a rooster, too. We named the funny protective rooster Roo, or maybe that was Rue.

See you soon with more crafts and stitching fun.


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