Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sew Mobile Home Curtains and Drapes, then Pillows


Sewing Mobile Home Curtains and Drapes

Mobile home curtains and drapes never seem to be standard size, and the easiest way to get new curtains or drapes for a mobile home is to make them yourself. We are getting a mobile home ready for sale, so I have been making mobile home curtains this week.

The first set I completed was a new set in the package from a thrift store. They were originally 84 inches, but the mobile home windows are about 32 inches wide and need about 63 inches for the length. An ample hem for curtains or drapes is usually 4 to 5 inches, so I cut these curtains at the bottom at 68 inches, folded under half an inch, and made a 4 1/2 inch hem. The scraps will make a pillow, since they are nearly 20 inches and the total width of the curtains. Do not be restricted by the size of the scraps, but use creativity to put together a pillow or two. If you need, select a center that is another fabric in about eight or ten-inch size, and just add strips of the curtain fabric around the square or rectangle.

Drapery fabric is always the best choice for curtains, since it has some sun-fading resistance, and is usually heavier than dress fabric. I had some drapery fabric that is lightweight but durable, and had enough for three curtain panels for the mobile home. Since I needed 63 inches completed length, I measured 73 inches for the curtains. The ten-inch added length is easy to remember and works well for most of the mobile home drapes and curtains. So, cut the fabric into 73 inch lengths (or whatever length you need, plus ten inches). Here is the "pattern" to see how ten inches works.

With this pattern, you can make any length curtain needed.  Make the width double the window width or more for fullness, and the full width of the fabric is fine. Just add ten inches to the needed size, and press five inches at the top and five inches at the bottom.  When sewing the top, the first two inches creates a ruffle, the 2 1/2 inches makes the rod pocket, and the last half inch is folded under.

Remember to use scraps for pillows for the room when working with the living room or bedrooms, or use the fabric to cover a chair rail to attach to the wall.

See you soon with more needlework crafts sewing and stitching fun.


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