Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hang Needlework Crafts on Wallpaper Walls

Needlework crafts add a personal touch to a home, and fabric art can be mixed with other media to make attractive wall hangings and groups, but hanging needlework crafts on a papered wall is often a challenge.

Pounding a nail into wallpaper is a permanent solution that is not the best choice.  We have had wallpaper, including fabric backed paper, vinyl front, and jute, and have found a suitable way to hang art on wallpaper with no permanent damage.  It involves making cuts with a razor blade or sharp knife on the wallpaper.  Make a V shaped cut and lift the flap up. Place your hanger under the flap in the space where the paper is lifted. If you want to move the artwork, remove the hanger and glue the flap down. You will never see the cut!

We hang mostly needlework crafts at our house, but any art can be hung on a wallpapered wall without damaging the wallpaper permanently.  Do it correctly, and you can move the art around to redecorate or change the arrangement as many times as you choose.

Hope you find this helpful!

See you again soon with more needlework crafts and stitching fun.


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