Saturday, May 15, 2010

Recycle Crafts: Save Money and Save the Earth

Saturday morning always reminds me of garage sales, and yes, I love them.  There are more unused crafts projects, fabrics, patterns, and crafts supplies than most of us can use in a lifetime. Crafts are also available at thrift stores and resale shops, flea markets and collectibles malls.  There are also some supplies available at craft fairs and shows.

Look for crafting material wherever you are, and wherever you go, and become a hoarder.  Well, maybe not a hoarder like they show on the program, but collect some crafts supplies for your projects.  With the cost of good thread for sewing projects, I have decided to watch for thread at estate sales, and it is surprising how much thread is available by the bag.  I now have all the colors of the rainbow, and most of the ones in between, even ones that are invisible to the old lady eyes.

Crafts can be expensive projects if all your purchases come from the local crafts store.  Get into frugal living and recycle by buying crafting materials on the secondary market.  You don't need to do it to the extent I do, but do it on a small scale, save the crafting materials for your next projects.  Here are some tips.

Think sewing, crafting, stitching fun anywhere you are.  If the items are new and look like they would make crafts, buy them for later.  This is how I got about 40 washcloths and made roses in baskets. You probably saw the flower basket instructions way back in this blog, and we did poinsettia flower basket instructions, too.

Baskets are everywhere, too.  I buy some baskets with the tags still on--never used--and they are great for storage of crafts until you need one for a project.

If you need special lace or fabric, look in the used clothing.  There are new or nearly-new clothes with expensive lace and fabrics just perfect for trim.

Buy all accessories like tape, straight pins, safety pins for quilting, rulers, and backing fabric.  These products are in abundance at flea markets and other secondary market selling spots. Use purchases from the secondary markets and save money as well as the environment.

See you soon!


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