Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Use Fabric Yoyos for Crafts--Ideas for Free and Fun

If you have leftover yoyos from quilting crafts or if you find some at the thrift store (which I have done before), you can put them to great use for crafts projects.

Yo-yos make great fabric pictures and faces for people. They also make the sun and moon. Of course they make flowers, either in singles or multiples.

We have used yoyos for different Christmas ornaments, and they make a beautiful garland for the Christmas tree, too.

Fabric pictures or wall hangings are great ways to use the extra yoyos, and once you get started, you will think of all kinds of ideas. I saw a purse made of yoyos the other day.  It had yoyos attached to a fabric, with a lining fabric.The crafter used purchased wooden handles.

Have fun making crafts with leftover or recycled yoyos.

See you soon with more needlework crafts fun.


Yo-Yos Top to Bottom!: 18 Delightful Projects (No. 3068)

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