Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sew Crafts from Vintage Pillow Cases

Vintage pillowcases have made a return to recycle crafts and easy sewing fun. There are some great projects that can be made with embroidered pillowcases, even if there is some damage to them. You can make something that will work around the damage.

A single pillowcase will make a laundry bag or a purse, or a doll dress for a large doll. Two pillowcases will make an adult apron. You can also cut the embroidery from a pillowcase and use it on a shirt or blouse. Once you get started, you will run out of embroidered pillowcases before you run out of ideas. We like recycling crafts projects, and this is a way to save the beautiful embroidery done by others.

If your pillowcases are yellow or stained, wash them in Biz or an enzyme pre-soak fabric cleaner.  We also wash vintage items in soda. Sodium perborate or Borax is also a product that works to clean vintage pillowcases.

See you soon with more sewing crafts,  needlework and stitching fun.


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