Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Make Ribbon Embroidery Gathered Flowers for Needlework Crafts

needleworkRibbon embroidery flowers are one of my favorite needlework crafts, and I have made just about all of them.  The gathered silk ribbon embroidery flower is a common one, and we have made a few--certainly enough to teach the class.

Small ribbon embroidery flowers can be made of 3/8 inch ribbon and it takes a minimum of about 2 1/2 linear inches to make little flowers.  We sew the ends together before we start, then use a running stitch to sew one edge of the ribbon all the way around.  Pull it as tight as you want the flower to be and make a few stitches to secure the gathers so they will not come out.  You can make two of these and put them together for more fullness--and you can see we put a green one behind a pink one just to show how.

Sew these flowers onto the design you are working.  If you need larger flowers, use about a 4 inch piece of silk ribbon and gather it.  Place it behind the smaller flower petals to design a larger flower.

These gathered ribbon embroidery flowers are pretty with seed pearls worked in the center, or other tiny beads, or even a single sequin on the small ones.  Be creative with ribbon embroidery and make beautiful pillows, wall hangings, or even a purse.  Backgrounds can include velvet or velveteen, moire or felt.  Fleece looks pretty for items that are not washed, but I have not found fleece to be a good fabric for washable items, since it is made with a foam on the inside that is not very durable.

Needlework crafts are a great pleasure if you like to sew by hand, and there is so much to learn, and there are so many new things to try out. Ribbon embroidery is one of my favorites, but I try to share other crafts with you, too.

See you soon!

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