Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make RickRack Braid for Crafts Embellishments

Make Rickrack braid from left-over rickrack.  We have rickrack from years ago when it was popular.  Confession here.  It may be forty years ago, or more.  I'm not counting, and hope you won't either.  Anyway, we have lots of rickrack in different sizes and colors, and it not only is making a comeback in crafts, it is versatile and downright attractive when used as braid. We learned to braid rickrack many years ago, and I'm not sure many crafters still know how.

We do the two-part braid and the three-part braid. This is fun and an old needlework craft that you can teach others.  Rick rack braid looks nice on just about anything that any other braid works on, including clothing, place mats, doll clothes, Christmas stockings and holiday crafts.  Once you get started making the rickrack braid, you will find some great uses for it.

We did a blog not long ago about making a chrysanthemum flower with rickrack  While you have the rickrack out, you might want to try it.

See you soon with more needlework crafts, sewing and stitching fun!


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Learn to Crochet with Rickrack

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