Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crochet an Afghan to Keep it Square

Crocheting is a needlework craft that many of us really like to do in our spare time, and making an afghan is one of the easiest crochet projects. Making an afghan square is another issue.

I have made several afghans in my lifetime, and a few have been more like a trapezoid than a square or rectangle. The afghan gets wider as it gets longer, and it took me years to figure out how to overcome this crochet problem. Frankly, it was embarrassing that an afghan was such a simple crochet project, and that I could not get it right. I have made crocheted baskets and a hundred doilies, crocheted lace by the yard, and still could not figure out how to make an afghan correctly.

Well, it is so easy a caveman could do it, but it takes two sizes of crochet hooks--one the size you are going to make the afghan with, and another one a size larger. Use the larger hook to make the chain and first row of stitches. Then, work the afghan with the smaller size hook.

Would you like to crochet but just cannot learn to follow the instructions? There are crochet patterns available to help the visual learner, with pictures of the crochet. These are Magic Crochet magazines that are no longer in print, but are still available on the internet.


If you have struggled with crochet before and thought you couldn't do it, you may like to try it again. It really is a fun needlecraft that can give you hours of pleasure.

See you soon with more needlework crafts, sewing and stitching fun.


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