Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make a Triangle Treasure Box Christmas Ornament or Gift Box

We do a few crafts projects that are not needlework, and one of the fun ones kids like are the triangle treasure boxes. These are Christmas ornaments, or gift boxes, or both, and are easy to make. They can be decorated by children, or with gift wrap paper, or with fabric and lace. The sample box we have here is made of a manila file folder, and it will hold small wrapped gifts like jewelry or candy, and will hang on the tree.

The triangle treasure box can be a re-usable ornament or gift, too, since the ribbon can be tied to be opened.

The basic pattern for the triangle treasure box is a square with four triangles on the sides.  The decoration ideas for a needle crafter are endless, since the manila folders allow sewing, glue, fabric and lace, beads and sequins, or make the box from a printed Christmas box.

We hope you are making lots of fun crafts for the Christmas season! See you with a new project in a few days.


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