Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cross-Stitch Needlework Crafts Like a Pro

cross stitch needlework crafts like proLearn to cross-stitch like a pro. Even if you think you can cross-stitch, there are techniques that will help you make uniform stitches with cross-overs going all the same way, and to help keep you from losing your place in the pattern.

You can learn to cross-stitch so your work looks professional, and just like the ones you see in the crafts magazines. It is not difficult, but takes just a little know-how. The key to cross-stitch is to make all the crosses run in the same direction. If you work from right to left, do half-cross stitches across and the top half cross stitch from left to right. This will always keep your second half on the top running from left to right. The look is professional!

We have been cross-stitching for at least thirty years, and it was a surprise to us that our early cross-stitching work now looks elementary. Before counted cross-stitch, we did stamped cross-stitch projects, and they were often stamped poorly or not lined up with the grain of the fabric. This helped contribute to the "elementary" look, but cross-stitching in rows going one way only probably helps the most to have uniform stitches, and cross-overs all going in the same direction. It makes a difference.

We hope you have time for crafts during the holidays and that you have a wonderful holiday time with love and peace.


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