Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Make Fabric Poinsettia Christmas Decorations No Sew Crafts

If you like crafts but do not sew, there are still lots of fun crafting projects you can do for Christmas. We make poinsettia flowers from red and green washcloths, and they require no sewing. This is our original crafts project, so you will probably not see it elsewhere.

You will need two red washcloths and a green one for each poinsettia you want to make. You will also need a large rubber band and something for the center berries. Fold the washcloth so the corners show. Add another red washcloth with alternating corners. Fold the green washcloth in thirds diagonally. Add the green washcloth to the back with two ends showing. Place a rubber band on the back by twisting the washcloths in the center of the back. Place a package decoration berry or similar item in the center.

We hope you are making lots of Christmas crafts!


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