Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Stockings Easy Sewing Ornaments

Christmas stockings are fun and easy to sew, and you can make several different ones with scraps of fabric and few accessories.

We have made several Christmas stockings this Christmas season, and are always pleased to share ideas and instructions.

Fleece is a great fabric to work with, and most kids like the feel of it.

We have also been making cowboy western Christmas stockings from denim fabric. This pattern works well for mini Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree.

Can you stand one more? Here is our frugal living Christmas stocking. If you are like us, you have more fingertip towels than you can use in this lifetime. We use ours for sewing projects, and you won't have any difficulty figuring out how to make a stocking from a fingertip towel. If you have one with fringe or a nice edge, turn that edge to form the turn-down top for the stocking.

We hope you try some of these easy crafts for Christmas. We like to share!


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