Sunday, December 27, 2009

Learn to Sew: Sewing for the New Year

learn sew sewing for new year
Sewing is a great hobby, but it is also a frugal living activity in the American home.
Learn to sew for the new year, or learn to sew better than you can at the present time. Sewing can include mending and alterations, too.

We sew, quilt, and do crafts projects on the sewing machine, but our machine has paid for itself many times over with the mending and alterations for the family and friends. We hope you can enjoy the pleasures of sewing this year, either in learning to sew, learning to sew better, or making time to sew more.

You don't need a fancy sewing machine to make beautiful crafts or clothing.

We hope you have a great new year and that sewing becomes your favorite pasttime.

See you soon!


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