Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sew a Jeans Pocket Purse Recycle Crafts Fun

sew jeans pocket purse recycle crafts sewing funSew some recycle crafts fun with a jeans pocket purse for your kids or grand kids. This is easy fun, and the biggest job is taking the pockets off the jeans. We use a seam ripper, but this needs to be done with care.

This is so easy and fun, you will want to make more than one, and you can decorate it with whatever you think a little girl would like. If you crochet, you may want to crochet the strap. You can also use three strands of ribbon or twine and braid the strap.

Use your imagination, and make this easy and fun jeans pocket purse for someone you love.

Make it fun, and see you soon!


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