Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make Silk Ribbon Embroidery Roses

silk ribbon embroidery roses rose Silk ribbon embroidery roses are one of the fun flowers to make in silk ribbon. Some of the roses can also be made in thread embroidery, like the spiderweb rose shown at the left here. The spiderweb rose is one of the prettiest ribbon embroidery roses, and is an easy one to make.  Make five spokes from a center like a bicycle wheel, then alternate over and under with your ribbon from the center working out to the edge.

Try it with embroidery floss. It is smooth and silky looking, completely different from the ribbon, and exactly the same process.

Ribbon embroidery is a fun crafts project, and roses are the center of lots of the ribbon crafts. Learn to make the roses in different styles, and the ribbon embroidery projects will go fast.

Have fun learning ribbon embroidery roses.


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