Saturday, January 2, 2010

Applique a Pillow Easy Sewing Machine Fun

applique pillow easy sewing needlework crafts
Applique with hand sewing often seems tedious and using the blanket or buttonhole stitch makes the work look a little like folk art. If you want to make a pillow with an applique that is done on the sewing machine, this is the method that works best for us.

Make the applique separate from the pillow by making it double. Use any thin scrap fabric for the back, or use the same fabric as the front. You can even add lace or embellish the edge before applying the applique to the front of the cut-out pillow.

Of course you can make appliques like this and use them for clothing or other crafts, not just for pillows. Once you see how easy this is, you will think of lots of practical uses for making an applique with the sewing machine this way.

Start the new year with learning new techniques and fun for needlework crafts. We always have a few more in the works.

See you soon!


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