Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WHITE CLAY potteries were in Arkansas and Texas primarily

TEXAS produced pottery in the 1950's that was Art Deco in appearance. Some of it is stamped with ALAMO POTTERIES stamp, but much of it is marked only with numbers. These are STRAIGHT numbers on the WHITE clay, and they help identify Alamo Pottery. GILMER POTTERIES also produced white clay pottery at the same time, and in much the same style, with an Art Deco appeal.

CAMARK POTTERY of CAMDEN, ARKANSAS was making art pottery with hand painting and often flower designs during the Mid-Century Modern Era, (1950s) too. They used WHITE CLAY to make florist pottery as well as figurines. NILOAK POTTERY was also making white clay pottery figurines and florist ware in ARKANSAS. Some of these pots and figurines are marked, and some are not. Some have numbers to give some help in identification, but even if they do not have numbers, the WHITE clay is of great help in determining the company that made it.

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