Saturday, April 26, 2008

Identifying American Pottery by CLAY COLOR

Identifying American pottery by clay color has been one of the best tips I have ever been able to share with others interested in pottery identification. Most of the clay colors are related to the REGION of PRODUCTION. The most obvious one is OHIO. Ohio produced a yellow clay in abundance, and it was used by numerous pottery companies in that area. Some of the companies moved there just to utilize the clay, but Ohio was a center of DINNERWARE production long before pottery.

Ohio potteries include ROSEVILLE and WELLER, both well-known and operating from the turn of the Twentieth Century until mid-century. If you look at the BOTTOM of the ROSEVILLE or WELLER POTTERY, you will be able to see the DRY FOOT (the area where there is no glaze) and see that they are a yellow pottery. Many of these pieces are MARKED on the bottom, so there is no doubt. BUT, the difference in the GREAT FINDS for YOU is to know the pieces that are UNMARKED. This is HOW to learn to identify those splendid old pots that are unmarked.

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