Sunday, April 27, 2008

There are lots of other lesser-known potteries who used yellow clay from Ohio and who were located in Ohio. These include ROBINSON-RANSBOTTOM of Roseville, Ohio, often confused with Roseville Pottery. The ZANESVILLE potters used yellow clay, too.

Probably the BEST KNOWN of all of the yellow-clay potteries is MCCOY pottery, and they had a large quantity of production ware for many years. These are the pieces that were mass produced, and did not require much hand work. MUCH McCoy was marked, but there are MANY pieces that were unmarked, and can be identified, if you know HOW.

So, if the pottery is YELLOW CLAY as determined by looking on the DRY FOOT or in an area where there is no glaze, think OHIO and OHIO potteries for identification.


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