Thursday, October 4, 2012

Easy Halloween Costumes for Any Age

Easy Halloween Costumes for Any Age Create Your Own
Costumes don't take much sewing or time and you can make something original with little effort.
Fruits and vegetables are easy costumes to make for children. Choose a fabric the color of the fruit or vegetable you want to represent. You'll need fabric the width of the child from elbow to elbow when elbows are extended. It needs to be twice the length from neckline to knees, or longer if you want to make a cucumber or a zucchini squash.
fruit vegetable halloween costume DIY
Fold Fabric in Half with Fold at the Bottom

Fold the fabric in half, wrong side out and stitch the sides, leaving room for arms starting about 5 inches down from the top. Stitch around the top by folding down 1/2 inch, then 2 inches. Stitch close to the edge and leave about 1 1/2 inches unstitched so you can run a string through the casing you've created. Stitch again about 1 inch from the top to create a ruffle. Run a heavy cord or ribbon through the casing by using a large safety pin or a bodkin to gather at the neckline when you're ready to try the Halloween costume for size.

Cut two holes out of the bottom fold for legs. Stitch around the leg holes and armholes if you want to keep it from fraying. 
Make a "bag" to wear for costume
Sew Sides, Fold Top and Stitch Two Rows for Casing
Turn the costume right side out and try it on your child. Have her step into the sack. Stuff it with newspapers or similar stuffing to create an apple, a tomato, an orange or whatever fruit or vegetable you want. Pull the gathers around the neck and see if you need to make adjustments.

Make a matching hat for your fruit or vegetable costume with a grocery bag large enough to fit on the child's head or a piece of fabric. You can make it square or like a beanie. Add two leaves for an apple, the pointy little "leaves" at the top of the tomato, or a "navel" for the orange. Your child could also be an eggplant or a cucumber with a little skinnying to the costume. Have a great Halloween experience, enjoy the kids and stay safe.  Linda cajunC


Make a hat to complete the costume
Add a Paper or Fabric Hat for the Costume

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