Sunday, August 19, 2012

Create Cross-Stitch Alphabets With Silk Ribbon Embroidery Embellishments

correcting cross stitch alphabets
Alphabet Letters Sometimes Look Like Spacing Is Incorrect
The smooth look and simplicity of counted cross-stitch work on the fabric is part of the appeal, but cross-stitch can be too plain, particularly with alphabets. That's when you need a fancy cross-stitch alphabet or maybe need to try something different.

With some alphabets, when you put letters together counting spaces between them, they just don't look right. That's because the eye is drawn to the mixture of diagonals with vertical lines. The diagonal "A" in the alphabet I'm using here makes it look as if the distance between the letters isn't the same. It is.

You can mix cross-stitch with ribbon embroidery to improve the look of a plain cross-stitch name. You may also be able to overcome an error you've made if you've miscounted. Instead of taking your work out and starting over, try something that may even improve the look.
add ribbon embroidery stitches to cross stitch alphabets
Silk Ribbon Embroidery Adds Color and Interest

Here's one I've been playing with in an attempt to see how silk embroidery works on Aida cloth. It's pretty easy to do, and with a little more work, this might be usable.

We have some cross-stitch alphabet books for sale if you want to try your luck at this. You might find an alphabet with flowers that you can change from cross-stitch to silk ribbon embroidery stitches. I'm always experimenting with needlework crafts to create one-of-a-kind items. Mixing cross-stitch with silk ribbon embroidery seems as if it could be interesting.

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