Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's Nearly Christmas and We Need to be Making Crafts

Christmas Crafts are for Everyone      
Are You Working on Crafts Projects for Christmas?

Christmas season is the time for crafts, and we need to be working. We have about 1,000 uncut and unused crafts patterns recently listed for sale, so others can do crafts, but we have done few artsy fun projects this fall. I hope you have done better.  

What are you working on? I have some quilting projects going on, but need to set them aside for Christmas. One project we do almost every year is to make a barn or lean-to for a nativity scene. For some reason, everyone has Joseph, Mary and the Christ Child with no stable. You can find a picture of the lean-to in an older blog. We love to share these fun projects!

I've missed you guys!  Been so busy writing that I just cannot get around like I used to. Maybe I'm getting older, too.


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