Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ribbon Embroidery Flowers are Hot Weather Crafts

 Ribbon Embroidery Flowers are Crafts for Hot Weather

Ribbon embroidery is one of my favorite crafts projects--almost as much a favorite as yoyos. It is 104 in Texas this week, and ribbon embroidery is the coolest craft project I know. Quilting is a little hot right now. Anything on the lap is too much, but ribbon embroidery is just right.

Irises in Ribbon Embroidery

Pleated Flower
If you like to learn ribbon embroidery flowers, there are lots of them to learn. I like to make irises in ribbon embroidery, but it is almost time for poinsettias, too. There are different kinds of ribbon roses, but I like to make the accordion ribbon rose.  I make violets and similar flowers with five petals, and a pleated flower in ribbon embroidery, too.

You can see other flowers in ribbon embroidery on previous blogs and many of these can be used for thread embroidery if you want. Ribbon embroidery is a crafts project you can do independent of the fabric for flowers like the pleated one or the accordion ribbon rose. Make a bunch and have them ready to make bouquets on velvet or on a tam, or make a wall hanging with flowers of ribbon embroidery. You may also want to complete a sewing project with ribbon embroidery flowers. They are pretty on the collar of a shirt or blouse, and even around the waist of an empire-style bath robe.

Once you make the flowers, you can add leaves in ribbon embroidery. Enjoy this summer crafts project, and when fall comes, we can quilt again!

See you next time!


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