Friday, July 26, 2013

Silk Ribbon Embroidery on a Miniature Scale -- Jewelry and Ornaments

Completed design worked on black moire can be made into jewelry or ornament
Silk Ribbon Embroidery on a small scale
Ribbon embroidery pins, pendants, bracelets or Christmas ornaments are creative crafts with fast results. Make your own design or purchase a book of small designs. You can make your miniature needlework item square, round or heart shaped. 
You'll need:
A small piece of fabric for the background
Embroidery floss
Silk ribbon in 4mm size and maybe 2mm size in colors you want to use
Cardboard for a template
Felt or your choice of backing for your completed piece
Pin back if you want to make a pin
I started with about a 3-inch circle, using a template cut from cardboard, and used black moire fabric for the background. I cut the moire to the 3 inch size, but started the embroidery about half to three-quarters of an inch from the edge all around. The design is worked without an embroidery hoop and without a pattern. If you want to use an embroidery hoop, stitch your little piece of fabric onto a larger one, and cut out the middle of the large piece of fabric where the stitching will be done.
Stem design on black moire created with no pattern
Stem Stitch in embroidery floss is first
Embroider stem stitch in floss and leaves in silk ribbon
Leaves are Japanese ribbon stitch
Two-strand embroidery thread creates the circular stem with stem stitch (like a back stitch) and 4mm silk ribbon in pink, yellow and green are used for flowers and leaves.
Flower is pink 4mm silk ribbon with lazy daisy stitch
Flower is lazy daisy stitch with French knot center
Stitches are Japanese ribbon stitch, lazy daisy and a French knot in the center of the large flower.
Once you complete the front of the item, cut another cardboard circle to use for stiffener. Make it about an inch smaller in diameter than the original circle. Cut a piece of felt the same size as the cardboard circle.
Sew around the edge of the fabric and place the cardboard on the back inside the stitching. Gather it all around and backstitch a couple of times to secure the gathers. (I used a color you could see, but you'll want to use a color that matches the background fabric.) Cut the thread.
Stitch around the edge and pull to gather
Back with Cardboard Stiffener in Place
If you're making a piece of jewelry such as a pin or pendant, decide how you want to attach the pin. You can glue a metal purchased pinback to the cardboard, or punch it from front to back in the cardboard. A pendant can be hung with a purchased slide or you can use a piece of silk ribbon attached at the top before adding the felt back. A Christmas ornament can also hang with silk ribbon.
Secure the felt to the back with hand stitches along the edge or glue if you prefer. 
Completed Silk Ribbon Embroidery Miniature
Completed Design is about 2 1/4 inches

Here's a book that may give you some ideas for miniature designs. It's 
American School of Needlework's Big Book of 101 Little Ribbon Embroidery Designs with designs suitable for jewelry or Christmas ornaments.
Other ideas: You can use a large button instead of cardboard, and attach the fabric to the button before you start the embroidery. 

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