Thursday, March 28, 2013

Make a Shoulder Pad Angel Easy Crafts Instructions

Completed angel made from two shoulder pads
Shoulder Pad Angel Easy Crafts

We recycle almost everything, and shoulder pads are ready-made padded shapes for 3-dimensional crafts. We've shown you how to make a butterfly, and promised we'd find the angel -- but we didn't -- so we started over and wrote out new instructions. 

You can see what we did with a few folds and a couple of seams. 

Here's what you need: 

Two shoulder pads in the semi-circle shape
Lace, eyelet, or whatever you like for trim for the wings
Large hankie or fabric about 16 inches square
1 1/4 inch Styrofoam or wooden ball for head
Twist ties
Ribbon for halo
Sewing thread to match shoulder pads and 16 inch hankie or fabric square.
Two shoulder pads needed for crafting tree topper or mantel display.
Ecru Shoulder Pads Removed from a Blouse

Add lace trim all the way around one shoulder pad.
Lace sewn to wings with straight stitching
Single Shoulder Pad with Lace Added

Stitch around the 16-inch square of fabric so the edge is finished, unless you plan to use it for a centerpiece or mantel with the skirt covered. You can add lace all the way around the fabric square if you're planning to use it for a tree topper. 

Fold the fabric square diagonally in a triangle with the stitched side inside. Place the Styrofoam ball or wooden ball inside the fabric in the center. Use a twist tie or thread to secure the ball in the center.

Fabric folded diagonally with ball for head enclosed
Place Ball for Head in Center of Diagonal Folded Fabric Square
Create a halo with ribbon. You can place the ribbon around the "head" like we did here or if you prefer, wrap the ribbon around a twist tie. Shape it like an eyelet screw or a lollipop, a circle with a stick. Push the stick end to the back and hook it on the twist tie at the neck.
Angel head tied with twist tie and ribbon halo
Make Halo from Ribbon with or without Twist Tie

Place the shoulder pad without the lace around the "shoulders" below the twist tie and stitch in place from the back. If you want to have the inside of the angel's gown open to place over a tree or other item, stitch the shoulder pad in the center to the center of the back of the gown. Wrap it around the front of the gown and stitch the corners of the shoulder pad together.
Shoulder pad angel pictured with cape
Wrap Shoulder Pad Cape Around Shoulders and Attach at Back

Attach the shoulder pad with lace as wings to the back in the same location as you stitched the "cape" to the gown.
Angel wings with lace attached to back of figurine taking shape.
Attach Shoulder Pad Wings to Back of Angel

Create a face on your angel if you choose. Use fabric paints for cheeks, lips and eyes. You can use this angel for a tree topper, centerpiece or mantel, or let her hang from a corner display.

You can also make small angels for tree ornaments with single shoulder pads. Zigzag stitch two semicircles on one shoulder pad. Cut the semicircles from the shoulder pad and follow directions from the top here to add lace to one. Use a 1/2 inch Styrofoam ball for the head and a 6 to 8 inch square for the gown.

Make it fun!



Elizabeth J. Neal said...

Finally, I am almost there; just a few more tubs to schlep out. Tomorrow we are going to break down the bed in the guest room and start moving the sewing room furniture in there. beginner sewing machine

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Great informations on sew. I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for guide!

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Stitching is fun and I really like your Shoulder Pad Angel. I am looking for a sewing machine for beginners as I really new to this field but I have a passion for it and would love to sew similar stuff one day.