Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Fabric Crafts are for Gifts, Too

embroidery on burgundy velvet fabric
Embroidery on Unusual Fabrics
Christmas Fabric Crafts are for Gifts, Too

If you aren't deep in the mire of Christmas crafts, you are losing valuable time. Crafts are personal gifts and although you think it's easy, crafting is not easy for those with no interest, desire or talent. This may describe your relatives or friends that you buy for each year. This year, save some money and spend the time it takes to make something personal.

Choose colors you know the person likes. Whatever your project, favorite colors matter. Use colors in the home for a project for the house, or favorite colors for a personal item. Starting with favorite colors makes the item special to that person.

Choose a design that speaks to her (or him). If you give a gift, you know enough about the person to express her style. You know the kind of dog she has, her favorite flower, or her favorite season.

Make something usable. Whether displayed in the home or a personal item, make a usable item. A fleece throw in an appropriate color for the individual or house, decorated by you with embroidery of a favorite animal is an example of something your friend or relative should appreciate as a Christmas gift.

Fleece is reasonably priced and easy to work with. You don't have to do much sewing as it doesn't fray, and the blanket or buttonhole stitch is suitable for finishing the edge. Remember how to do blanket stitch?

Here's a picture.

blanket stitch buttonhole stitch embroidery
Blanket Stitch Looks Good on Fleece

You can use yarn, ribbon or embroidery thread for the blanket or buttonhole stitch on fleece. Once you have the binding around the edge, embroider a design in a corner -- an initial monogram or something that shows you made the gift especially for the person. You'll be one gift ahead, and you didn't even have to fight the crowd to shop!

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