Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quilting Techniques are Different from Sewing. Did you Know?

Quilting crafts use a different set of rules from standard sewing, but many who do not quilt often or have not read the quilting books do not know the differences.  If you want to try your luck at quilting, you might want to be forewarned.

One of the major differences is in pressing seams.  Quilting seams are not pressed open like they are in sewing.  Pressing seams open will allow the batting to slip through the stitches, so quilters know to press the seams to the darker fabric side.

The rotary cutter is a great invention for quilters, and it can have some practical purpose for anyone who sews.  Most people who sew do not use a rotary cutter, because it is commonly known as a quilting tool.  If you sew a lot, a rotary cutter and mat will become tools for sewing, not just quilting.

If you want to learn to quilt and you already sew, just a few techniques will make a difference in your skill level.

With the weather looking like real winter, it is a great time to sew or quilt.  Even without electricity, you can still sew by hand and do needlework crafts.  

See you soon with more fun crafts. 


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