Sunday, June 1, 2008

WHO makes RED CLAY pottery?

RED CLAY potters are often studio pottery, but FRANKOMA is the most famous red clay pottery. Probably more than 50% of the red clay pottery found in America today is from FRANKOMA, an Oklahoma pottery started by John Frank. Early FRANKOMA is NOT red clay, but was made of Ada Clay from Ada, OK. In the mid-Fifties, Sapulpa clay was used, and it was a red clay. Some of the more recent Frankoma is even more red than the Sapulpa clay color. Most of the Frankoma red clay pieces are marked, BUT NOT ALL. You can find a treasure if you know what you are looking at, and red clay is a start.

HARRIS STRONG used red clay for many of his beautiful tiles, and early PETERS AND REED pottery was RED CLAY. Grueby pottery is red clay, too, but we do not often see a piece of Grueby.

Much of the RED CLAY production pottery comes from CANADA today, and it is BLUE MOUNTAIN POTTERY, known for a drip glaze in green and black. They made beautiful animal figurines in different sizes, many with drip glazes.

There are so many pieces of pottery available that are not easily identified, and maybe YOU have one. I will be available to look at some of these if you contact me, and hopefully I can identify it or tell you where to look for the identification.

Happy hunting American pottery!

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